Say "Hello" to Our Schedule

We’re pleased to announce the (nearly) complete schedule for Clojure Remote. Leading up to the conference, we’ll be releasing a shared calendar with all the events, translated to your local time zone.

For those missing the start or end of the conference due to time zone differences, time-shifted versions of the presentations will be available almost immediately for your viewing pleasure.

Show me the schedule!

Great news, you can now view the calendar in Google Calendar or Download the ICS file. This should help ensure we’re all on the same page about the exact time sessions will happen!

February 12, 2016

Track 1 Track 2
2:00 PM UTC – 2:20 PM UTC Day 2 Kick-off
2:20 PM UTC – 3:00 PM UTC A Few Pints of CIDER – Bozhidar Batsov Mobile Apps with ClojureScript – Jearvon Dharrie
3:05 PM UTC – 3:45 PM UTC Guiding people into Clojure – John Stevenson Understanding Core Clojure Functions – Jonathan Graham
3:45 PM UTC – 4:00 PM UTC Break
4:00 PM UTC – 4:40 PM UTC Functions vs. Components – Anatoly Polinsky The Elements of a Functional Mindset – Eric Normand
4:45 PM UTC – 5:45 PM UTC Keynote: Sense and Referential Transparency – Zach Tellman
5:45 PM UTC – 7:30 PM UTC Lunch Break
7:20 PM UTC – 8:00 PM UTC Clojure and the CST – Paula Gearon Erlang in The Land of Lisp – Jan Stępień
8:15 PM UTC – 9:00 PM UTC Panel – Clojure Web Development